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High Shine Wax Polish Leather Shoe Polish for Mirror Shines by Pure Polish

High Shine Wax Polish

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Single two ounce (2oz) tin of Pure Polish Products High Shine Wax Polish. ​

Used for protecting and shining non-suede/non-patent leather goods, typically toe caps and heel quarters of dress shoes. 

*This is our recommended polish for adding a mirror shine (bull shine or spit shine)

The High Shine Wax Polish has no color; it's a non-pigmented, clear polish. Perfect if you don't want to worry about color-matching, or for vintage or dress shoes with a patina.

Fragrance: product has sweet orange aroma.

Product contains: orange oil, beeswax, carnauba wax.

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Ackerson
I loved the product, immediately bought two more canisters that never arrived.

I loved the product, immediately bought two more canisters that never arrived.

Hi Nick! So happy you loved the product. We're handling the two lost tins immediately. So sorry about that. We hope you continue to love them! ~Andy, Pure Polish Owner

would you use candlewax to polish shoes?

Pure beeswax might be good for candles, but it's not good for shoes. This polish is too hard to work. It's hard to wipe onto a cloth and to spread on the shoe. The finished shine is brittle and flakes or clouds with any flexing. I gave it 3-4 tries, then switched back to Saphir Mirror Gloss.

Hi! Sorry you had a bad experience with our High Shine. To clarify, beeswax has been used in shoe polish for centuries. For consideration: keep the lid on between usages to help retain the surface solvent that spreads the stiff waxes that give it the ultra high glossy shine. If the surface still gets dry, you can access the reservoir of oil underneath the dry layer, by scratching or scraping just under the surface. Thank you for trying our earth-friendly products out, anyway! All the best ~Andy, Pure Polish Owner

Cheryl Luna

High Shine Wax Polish

Robert Powers
My new favorite mirror shine product

I love it! I've used Saphir Mirror Gloss for years, but PP is my new favorite. The smell is much more pleasant, and I really like the fact that I'm supporting a US company, vs one overseas. I also really like the fact that the ingredients are not harmful to me. I'm pretty sure getting pine turpentine from the other guys product into your skin and bloodstream is not healthy, LOL. The product is not as temperature stable as others, so don't use it in really warm or cold conditions (like a house without air conditioning in the summer). One final plus... this tin is 2-1/2" diameter and holds 60 milliliters. The Saphir is 3-1/4" diameter (it looks huge in comparison) but only holds 75 milliliters, because the bottom of their tin is scalloped out! So price per ounce (or per mL) PP is a MUCH better value.

Helene Avocat
Great polish, great company, fast shipping!

I was looking for a high shine polish after several homemade attempts (that were okay to nourish the leather, but would not lead to this beautiful shine that I like). I am not disappointed! It smells good, add some shine to me shoes, and is natural. You do not suffocate while buffing your shoes, which is a great +++ for me! My next order will be a brown one ! Thanks!