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Pure Patina Bundle Leather Care Shoe Polish by Pure Polish
Cleaner Conditioner Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner Balm by Pure Polish
High Shine Wax Polish Leather Shoe Polish for Mirror Shines by Pure Polish
Neutral Cream Polish Leather Shoe Polish by Pure Polish

Pure Patina Bundle

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This is a curated premium polish bundle of recommended products. 

The "Pure Patina Bundle" bundle contains one (4oz) jar of Pure Polish Cleaner Conditioner, one (2oz) jar of Neutral Cream Polish, and one (2oz) tin of High Shine Paste/Wax

These are the essentials for taking care of that natural or handmade patina. Cleaner Conditioner is pigment-free and offers a nourishing base layer, to restore the necessary oils back to the leather before adding a layer of wax to "lock in" the color, and shining-up for regular use. Neutral Cream Polish provides a protective layer for your patina, without impeding the natural or handmade patina on your leather. High Shine Paste/Wax protects the non-flexing areas of your leather, without shading or coloring, and adds the highest-shine possible, for showing off the beautiful art your patina offers. 

Shine your best. Shine naturally. Shine Pure. 

Each of these items is created for use with smooth natural leather (non-suede / non-rough-out leather). 

Fragrance: products have sweet orange aroma.

Products contain: orange oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, coconut oil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gray Stratton
Good stuff!

Just ordered my first starter kit of products in the pure patina bundle. The products are fantastic. I achieved a mirror shine on my best shoes with no trouble. I had some lingering questions about frequency of use and how to use the products on a specific pair of shoes. I sent in the questions and heard back quickly from Andy with helpful advice. This is the best kind of business with great products and great support. Customer for life. Gray in Houston

Very Impressed

Just tried the Pure Patina Bundle on my Shinki Haikku Horsebutt derby's and could not be happier. The product goes on easy and shines with little effort. I haven't used the wax but the conditioner and polish smells great.

James Guardino
Great product

All products smell and work great. The cleaner/conditioner provides the right amount of cleaning without being too harsh. The cream polish leaves a very nice shine on its own then the wax really makes the shoes gleam. Very pleased

Ashwin Rao
Great products

Far more tolerable to apply than Saphir and other brands, with remarkable results and a very pleasing shine, I am sold. Pure Polish will be the way I go from here forward.

Great Product and Lesson

I have used Saphir to polish my shoes and decided to try Pure Polish and I'm glad I did.

1. As a user of the other brand I learned I did not need to use as much of the Pure Polish which might translate back into that product.
2. I do not have to worry about what is being absorbed into my body and can use my fingers to apply these products.
3. I will buy Pure Polish again without hesitation.
4. The smell is great.

1. Following the directions and not applying to parts of the shoe that flex I did get some cracking where the other brand never did.

I highly recommend grabbing some Pure Polish products and giving your shoes a shine. You won't regret the experience.