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Black Paste Wax Polish Shoe Polish by Pure Polish
Pure Polish Black Paste/Wax Polish on a wooden cutting board with black leather straps
Black Paste/Wax Tin open next to a pair of black brogue wingtip leather shoes

Black Paste / Wax Polish

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A shining, coloring, and lightly nourishing leather wax that is used to protect the toes and heels of non-suede/non-patent leather footwear.

Designed to shine and protect, this leather wax will brush or buff up to a deep shine. The stiff waxes are designed to reduce scuffing on the toes and heels of leather footwear. While it can be used to protect and deepen the shine of black leather, it can also be used with other color leathers for a patina or burnishing effect. The black wax creates a "lensing" or "shading" effect, deepening the shine over the underlying leather color.

100% Biodegradable, Non-Toxic Ingredients

Ingredients: orange oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, coconut oil, mineral pigment.

Fragrance: product has an aroma of fresh, sweet oranges

Size: two ounce (2 fl oz) tin of Black Paste / Wax Polish – Approx. 18-24 applications on routine use footwear

Texture: stiff wax with soft surface texture. Easy to apply and spread in thin amounts.

Good for the Earth. Good for Your Leather. Safe for You.

  • No Petroleum Byproducts
  • No Silicones
  • No Chemical Dyes
  • No Animal Fats

Black Paste / Wax Polish is packaged in a 2 fl oz silver steel tin. Labels are PET and paper. Please wipe container clean and recycle after use (category 1).

Customer Reviews

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Mr.Charles ANTHONY
Only the best

Readers; This author learned the Art and Mystery of shoe/boot polishing in the era of the 'black boot Army'. And have kept up the practice for the ensuing decades. I was using another 'organic' polish, till they quit making it. A 'mad hunt" of the internet, led me to this Product. Hmm! say I-- it SEEMS good, lets try a small tin and see. Sure enow, it works as advertized, does not destroy the leathers, and gives a mirror shine without any extra products--if you have the skill sets, it seems. The downside, its sold in a tin thats' too small for full time use with more than one set of boots, and will run out quickly. I will pen a line to the maker-who said to write with queries- when I am getting low on polish, to see if I can get a 01lb brick of this. But, Reader, if you want the best polish for YOUR boots/shoes/leather kit--BUY THIS POLISH!


Top rated product for your every day shoe maintenance

Clayne Wheeler
Is a delete to work with and love the smell of Oranges.

Pure Products is different from some of the other products that I've worked with and took time to get used to using.
Applying it is also different because it really needs my bare hands, fingers and palms to really get it to melt into the leather that I'm working on.
Currently, I'm useing it with a couple of my shines.
I have five different types of shoe shines for different types of leathers and occasions.
Because of the 100% biodegradable ingredients it takes longer to dry, and have found that using a heat gun on a low setting does help get it to the next level to apply other products like Saphir or Booblack cream or waxes.
I like the water proofing waxes and use them more with the everyday shoes of Seattle.
Due to the wet weather and moisture in the air, the humidity in the PNW never really drops below 50% and it's noticeable in the shoes and clothing that we wear.
I'm still new to Pure Products and look to start selling it here in Seattle in early 2022.

Thank you Andy for for your persistent support of your products and of using your social media marketing to get it out there.

William Silva

I found my new number one polish

Great Product

Really impressed with the product, it leaves a great shine! My wife and I love that it is all natural and the hand written note was a nice touch.