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High Shine Wax Polish Leather Shoe Polish for Mirror Shines by Pure Polish

High Shine Wax Polish

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Single two ounce (2oz) tin of Pure Polish Products High Shine Wax Polish. ​

Used for protecting and shining non-suede/non-patent leather goods, typically toe caps and heel quarters of dress shoes. 

*This is our recommended polish for adding a mirror shine (bull shine or spit shine)

The High Shine Wax Polish has no color; it's a non-pigmented, clear polish. Perfect if you don't want to worry about color-matching, or for vintage or dress shoes with a patina.

Fragrance: product has sweet orange aroma.

Product contains: orange oil, beeswax, carnauba wax.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
John Nash

As good as Saphir and environmentally friendly too!

David Cordovan guy 21 shell shoes

Honestly, better than expected. (the smell of the pure polish products are amazing) they smell and work fantastic!

Worthy of it’s name

A friend suggested it for putting a shine on shrunken bison. It exceeded my high expectations, I may finally get the mirror shine on my shoes. Smells great.

Daniel N
My shoes are happy

I love shining my shoes and when I have time, I spend hours mirror shining them. This is the first time I use pure polish products and I am really excited by the results. Shining takes less time and looks even better and the smell is great. Also it is so good to know that my shoes are getting only natural ingredients. I invested many years and a big financial efort to build a collection of classic shoes. Along the years I have tried many products and there are VERY few of this quality. Glad I discovered you. Thank you.

Peter Harrison
Superior product

This high shine product performs just as promised. If you’re interested in achieving a mirror shine and you’re willing to put in the effort, this is a product you should try.