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High Shine Wax Polish Leather Shoe Polish for Mirror Shines by Pure Polish

High Shine Wax Polish

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Single two ounce (2oz) tin of Pure Polish Products High Shine Wax Polish. ​

Used for protecting and shining non-suede/non-patent leather goods, typically toe caps and heel quarters of dress shoes. 

*This is our recommended polish for adding a mirror shine (bull shine or spit shine)

The High Shine Wax Polish has no color; it's a non-pigmented, clear polish. Perfect if you don't want to worry about color-matching, or for vintage or dress shoes with a patina.

Fragrance: product has sweet orange aroma.

Product contains: orange oil, beeswax, carnauba wax.

Customer Reviews

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Russel Lehman


Kenneth Tickle
High Gloss Polish

Product does what’s its designed to do! Satisfies customer.

Isaiah Barker
Tough work, but produced my first mirror shine

I used this to shine the toe caps on a pair of Anthony Veers. Not the highest quality leather, but still some of the nicest shoes I've bought so far, so I wanted to do them up right. I watched a series of videos on mirror shining from The Elegant Oxford on YouTube and decided to give it a shot myself. Producing a mirror shine with this stuff is tough. I started with alternating layers of water with a touch of alcohol and regular black/blue waxes, then transitioned to high gloss. After polishing for one night I got acceptably shiny, but nowhere near mirror. Let the leather rest and started on day 2.

It takes a lot of time to get the finish to glass over, and in impatience I just scooped a thicker layer on before adding water again. I then alternated between two dabs wax to one dab water. The leather shine started speeding up after that. It's still not what I'd call a true mirror shine even after this, but it's reflective enough to see (distorted) images on the surface. Maybe with more practice my shining will improve. Overall, I'm pleased, but want to compare it to Saphir Mirror Shine.

Cordovan Quality Shine

I used this tonight to shine a pair of shell cordovan dress shoes. And it was fabulous.
It was a slight challenge to apply it as are most hard waxes for shoes. But the brush out was a breeze.

A little bit goes a long way and the tin should last for at least a couple dozen top shines for pairs of shoes.

I own Saphir Mirror Gloss and am quite particular about my shoe shine products. Pure polish is better. It just is. It is as easy to use. It smells better. It is more affordable. And most importantly, it outperforms mirror gloss; especially if you are using it for multiple coats of shine.

And it is not proven, but I do believe that the shine will last longer and hold up better.

Great Product

Amazing ..... really ....

Looking forward to using the other products in the line.

Saphir is no longer the king. Pure Polish is the king. Long live the king.

John Nash

As good as Saphir and environmentally friendly too!