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Brown Water Resistant Cream Polish Shoe Polish by Pure Polish
Light Brown Earth Pigment for making shoe polish and leather cream
Light Brown Water Resistant Leather Cream used for reducing water spotting and rain penetration on leather shoes and boots open jar on a folio
Light Brown Water Resistant Leather Cream cooling on a rack

Light Brown Water Resistant Leather Cream

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Light Brown Water Resistant Leather Cream is a nourishing, coloring, and protecting cream that is used to help reduce water stains, rain penetration, and drying up your non-suede/non-patent light brown leather shoes and leather boots.

Designed to nourish and protect, this water resistant leather cream adds a layer of protection against the elements, along with a rich oil base that will help keep your leather from drying out and cracking, or rotting from the inside-out.

100% Biodegradable, Non-Toxic Ingredients

Ingredients: beeswax, orange oil, coconut oil, bentonite clay, carnauba wax, earth pigment, mixed tocopherols (vitamin E).

Fragrance: product has an aroma of fresh, sweet oranges

Size: two ounce (2 fl oz) jar of Light Brown Water Resistant Leather Cream – Approx. 12-14 applications on routine use footwear 

Texture: soft waxy cream with smooth surface texture. Easy to apply and spread in thin amounts.

Good for the Earth. Good for Your Leather. Safe for You.

  • No Petroleum Byproducts
  • No Silicones
  • No Chemical Dyes
  • No Animal Fats

Environmental: Light Brown Water Resistant Leather Cream is packaged in a 2 fl oz amber PETE jar with an aluminum lid. Labels are “soft touch” BOPP and paper. Please remove side label, wipe container clean, and reuse or recycle after use (category 1).

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Works great!!!

Works great, water beads up and runs off. Will order again. Thanks

Robert Powers
It works!

I didn't realize that all "water resistant" or "waterproof" products are NOT the same until speaking at length with Andy, the owner. I like how this product does not use silicones or the like that will prevent the leather from breathing. Also, those other products may harm the leather over time. The bentonite clay in the polish really works! I did a water resistance test with the Pure Polish water resistant cream on one shoe and just Saphir cream polish on the other. The water resistance increased SIGNIFICANTLY. This is important if you live in an area with a lot of rain and snow like I do. This is a very good product, especially for your light colored full grain leather shoes, which are the most suseptible to water and salt damage.

Bernardo Fernandez
Great product

This are the best products by far available for shoe care