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Our Story –

We're a family-owned business, focused on making products with three goals:

  1. The best possible products for the life of your leather
  2. Products safe for the user
  3. Products friendly to the environment
Andy Vaughn – Owner and Maker of Pure Polish Products at a live event

Every item is small-batch, hand made in Bend, Oregon USA. Our ingredients are 100% Biodegradable and Non-Toxic to humans. We don’t use any turpentine or petroleum by-products in our polish. Our polish is easy to spread and shine, and has a fresh, sweet orange aroma.

Small Batch Leather Cleaner Conditioner

By using orange oil, instead of turpentine or naptha for our solvent, we aim to improve the entire experience around leather care. Traditionally, it’s been a “one man” job, to be done in a garage, or outside, to avoid the toxic fumes around the rest of the family. We're going to change that.

Each of our products has a sweet orange aroma. First-time users often comment that upon opening up a fresh tin, a family member will exclaim, “Yum! What are you cooking?”

These reasons are why we use the hashtags #ShineTogether and #SmellTheDifference aiming to bring people together, and changing their entire experience.

We make products that are better for your leather, for you, and for the planet. That’s what Pure Polish is about.

Andy Vaughn Owner and Maker of Pure Polish letting a customer smell the sweet orange aroma of Cleaner Conditioner