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Our Story –

Pure Polish Products Owners Amanda Peart and Andy Vaughn at Dudleys Cafe in Bend, Oregon

We're a family-owned business, focused on making products with three goals:

  1. The best possible products for the life of your leather
  2. Products safe for the user
  3. Products friendly to the environment

Every item is small-batch, hand made in Bend, Oregon USA. Our ingredients are 100% Natural and Biodegradable. We do NOT use Turpentine or Petroleum by-products in our polish. Our polish is easy to spread and shine, and has a pleasant citrus smell.

Our History –

Berluti Wholecuts polished with High Shine - by Glen of GlenKaren

Pure Polish Products was originally known as GlenKaren Care Products, created by Glen Tippets and his wife Karen in Bend, Oregon in 2013.

The products were created to make premium polish for the highest quality leather, while being non-toxic, friendly to the environment, and have a pleasant aroma for the users.

Orange oil was used instead of the industry standard Turpentine and Naptha. The highest quality natural waxes and conditioning oils in the world were sought and used in the products.

GlenKaren Care Products achieved worldwide distribution and a New York Times article calling it “Shoe Polish Worthy of Wall Street”.

In 2017, due to personal and health reasons, the company passed on to Glen’s daughter Kristen.

In 2018, Andy Vaughn and Amanda Peart took over “Pure Polish” and GlenKaren. Together, they re-released the entire product line back to the world, from its original home in Bend, Oregon USA.

Thanh "Mr Renworks" with Pure Polish owners Andy Vaughn and Amanda Peart