Welcome to Pure Polish Products (formerly GlenKaren Care Products).

Our Premium Shoe Polish was created with two things in mind:
  1. Create a great shoe polish that lasts longer, and conditions leather better than other polish on the market.
  2. Create a product that is safe for the people that use it, and friendly to our environment.

The ingredients are 100% Natural and Biodegradable. No animal products are used (beeswax is used however).

Coconut oil is used as the main leather conditioner because it is a longer lasting oil, with a higher resistance to bacteria than other oils. We do NOT use Turpentine or Petroleum by-products in our polish. Our polish is easy to spread and shine, and has a pleasant citrus smell.

All shoe polish must have four basic ingredients:
  1. Solvent (usually Naphtha or Turpentine)
  2. Oil (usually Neatsfoot [bovine tallow] or Mink oil)
  3. Wax (usually Beeswax and/or Carnauba)
  4. Color (usually a range of chemical based dyes)

Pure Polish contains only the following all natural, non-toxic, pleasant smelling ingredients:
We use food grade orange terpenes (d-Limonene). Orange oil contains the raw oil collected from the citrus peel during the juicing extraction process. Once orange oil has been extracted from the rind, d-Limonene is separated from sesquiterpenes, other monoterpenes, and is purified by high vacuum distillation to produce food grade d-Limonene. The orange citric acid has a pH value of approximately 3.5, similar to the pH value of vegetable tanned leather which is approximately 3.2 (chrome tanned leather has a pH of approximately 3.8).

Orange oil contains citric acid and ascorbic acid, both of which are preventative antioxidants, and assist in oxidative stability. Orange oil is considered a volatile oil because it evaporates relatively quickly (over a few hours) when exposed to air (not in a closed container). This allows it to act as a solvent, rather than a lubricant like coconut oil. Pure Polish will last well over a year, if the jar is only open during use.

We use organic extra-virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil is about 50 percent lauric acid, a rare medium-chain fatty acid, and is now being studied for its anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties. Overall, coconut oil contains 92% saturated fats (mink oil contains about 80% saturated fats). Saturated fat percentage is a major factor in determining oxidative stability; the higher the saturated fat percentage is the higher the oxidative stability (See Iodine Value below).

Iodine Value (IV) measures the reactive carbon double bonds present in oil (the weaker molecular bonds in oil – common in unsaturated fats). The lower the IV number the better the oxidative stability. Coconut oil has an IV value of 10, the lowest of any plant/animal oil. Lanolin has an IV of about 20, Neatsfoot oil (bovine tallow) has an IV between 50 to 70, Olive oil has an IV of 80, Castor oil has an IV of 85, and Mink oil has an IV between 80 to 95. This means that mink oil will go rancid much faster than coconut oil.

Coconut oil has a neutral pH balance (7.0), similar to mink oil (6.5).

Our Beeswax is one of the most natural wax products available. Beeswax is the wax made by honeybees intended for the protection of their honeycombs. The main components in beeswax are palmitate, palmitoleate, and oleate esters of long-chain (30-32 carbons) aliphatic alcohols, with a ratio of 6:1 of triacontanyl palmitate to cerotic acid, the two principal components.

The Carnauba wax we use is a natural vegetable wax exuded by the leaves of a palm tree (copernicia cerifera) growing in Brazil. It is the hardest natural wax available, composed of wax esters (85%), free fatty acids, fatty alcohols and resins (15%). Our Carnauba wax is basically odorless.

We use Earth and Ocher pigments from the world famous quarries of The Société des Ocres de France, located in the Provence region of France. All of our coloring is safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and free from chromium, cadmium, mercury, tin, arsenic, radium, lead or other hazardous materials.
If you have any questions about the Pure Polish product line please contact us at purepolishproducts@gmail.com