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I love your products. I got my order quickly and the products area just as good or even better than what I've been using

First time user Satisfied⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I was glad to find this Neutral Cream Polish as an alternative to the Saphir cream polish I’ve used for years. The former is made in Oregon with natural ingredients and has a slight orange scent. In contrast, Saphir’s cream polish requires health disclosures that full ventilation is required. For my leather shoe care I’ve decided to use the Natural Cream Polish.

Cleaner Conditioner

Amazing product

I love PP. Better than anything out there including Saphir.

Product thoughts

This cream polish is mind blowing and I'm amazed at the fact this kind of product exists

Cleaner Conditioner

Great product

All products smell and work great. The cleaner/conditioner provides the right amount of cleaning without being too harsh. The cream polish leaves a very nice shine on its own then the wax really makes the shoes gleam. Very pleased

This Stuff is awesome!

At First I was a skeptic.…But Pure Polish product line is awesome! Application is super easy & the results are even Better! I am never going back to using anything else on my dress shoes!

Help restored

I purchased the burgundy cream polish with a little elbow grease brought a old pair of Johnson and Murphy shoes I enjoy wearing back to life

Great polish, great company, fast shipping!

I was looking for a high shine polish after several homemade attempts (that were okay to nourish the leather, but would not lead to this beautiful shine that I like). I am not disappointed! It smells good, add some shine to me shoes, and is natural. You do not suffocate while buffing your shoes, which is a great +++ for me! My next order will be a brown one ! Thanks!

Quick high shine

I used this product by using a damp cotton cloth on my Allen Edmonds Independence collection black Jeffersons model. I read a lot online that is difficult to get a high shine mirror shine on toe but with this product it was very easy. Great quality, very high shine, highly recommend it and smells great with very mild scent! Will purchase more products from pure polish in the future! Thank you!

Great product

I enjoy the product.

Great stuff

I use pure polish on my 750 dollar Italian dress shoe's which make them stand out but also used it on my Goodwill finds with the same results made my 10 dollar goodwill leather shoes look like my 750 dollar Italian dress shoe

New to my shoe care kit.

Found this on a recommendation and it is awesome for removing old wax but, not too harsh.

THE best shoe polishing products

I bought the neutral high shine paste polish, wax polish, black waterproof polish & conditioning cleaner - these are amazing products! I've used all 4 products on various pairs of shoes & boots and they all work great - they feel great, they smell great and they're non-toxic to me & the planet. Also the owner is beyond helpful! So glad I found this company - hope they grow and stay in business for a looooong time.

Good company

Good product will continue to buy from this company. Was originally lost via USPS but this company continued to reach out to me through it all until it was found and delivered. Customer service seemed very concerned and nice to work with. I could tell they actually cared.

I found my new number one polish

Great cleaner

It cleans mirror shine so beautiful, it smells better than any other cleaner


The water-resistant cream polish works REALLY well.Its one of my new favourite products.Used it on my boots,including the stitches on the upper edge of the sole..I've been out walking in the rain and snow many times since then,and my feet are still dry..Recommended!👍

Oregon Pinot Leather Paste/Wax Polish

Cream Polish

Great Product!

awesome product

Great new color, by far the best product on the market for your shoes

Amazing Product.

I purchased the high shine paste a few weeks ago after hearing a lot about it. I was not disappointed. Tired it tonight on a new pair of Allen Edmonds and the shine was amazing. Totally recommend this product. I will be purchasing more of their products in the very near future.

Great products

Far more tolerable to apply than Saphir and other brands, with remarkable results and a very pleasing shine, I am sold. Pure Polish will be the way I go from here forward.

Great product

This are the best products by far available for shoe care