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Black Tie Bundle
Tim Briggs
Great Products!!!!

After various recommendations online, I purchased several Pure products. First, I love that these are made in America, secondly, they are fantastic! Co-workers noticed right away that something was different!

Great polishing cloth

It does such a great job I ordered three of them. Thanks

High Shine Wax Polish
David Cordovan guy 21 shell shoes

Honestly, better than expected. (the smell of the pure polish products are amazing) they smell and work fantastic!

Amazing product

Kind of a combination between wax polish and cream polish. Basically the best of both worlds in an easy way to get a great chain, right off the bat. Extra bonus is weather protection for your shoes, as the wax component is water repellent and scuff repellent. I find this weather resistant polish to be particularly favorable for Cordovan leather.

Good stuff!!

No matter the color of shoes or boots black.. doesn't matter...Pure Polish Neutral Cream Polish will make em pop.. wow what a nice shine!!

Worthy of it’s name

A friend suggested it for putting a shine on shrunken bison. It exceeded my high expectations, I may finally get the mirror shine on my shoes. Smells great.

Great value

Purchase several polishes and I’m very happy with the quality and results. Thanks.

Great product

I have many creams for conditioning my shoes, it's the best thing you can do and the most important in the long run. This is by far one of my favorites, it's easy to apply, it gets into the leather fast and completely and the smell is amazing. I am tempted to use this on my hands :)

My shoes are happy

I love shining my shoes and when I have time, I spend hours mirror shining them. This is the first time I use pure polish products and I am really excited by the results. Shining takes less time and looks even better and the smell is great. Also it is so good to know that my shoes are getting only natural ingredients. I invested many years and a big financial efort to build a collection of classic shoes. Along the years I have tried many products and there are VERY few of this quality. Glad I discovered you. Thank you.

High Shine Wax Polish
Peter Harrison
Superior product

This high shine product performs just as promised. If you’re interested in achieving a mirror shine and you’re willing to put in the effort, this is a product you should try.

Blue on Blue

The Navy Blue did the trick on my truck. It is like being back to normal again

Good stuff

I wanted to add an extra measure of water resistance to a pair of new shell. The cream enhanced the shine, but you need to know what you’re doing. The cream residue would rather stay in the corners and seams. So, after your application dries, you’ll want to give your shoes a vigorous brushing to prevent buildup. Excellent product.


Smells glorious and cleans and conditions to a nice luscious polish! I highly recommend these products from Pure Polish!!!

High Shine Wax Polish
Nicholas Ackerson
I loved the product, immediately bought two more canisters that never arrived.

I loved the product, immediately bought two more canisters that never arrived.

Hi Nick! So happy you loved the product. We're handling the two lost tins immediately. So sorry about that. We hope you continue to love them! ~Andy, Pure Polish Owner

Wonderful Product

I have found all your products to be extraordinary and I would recommend all of them. Also, very glad your products are manufactured in the USA.

Best product!

It does magic! I’ll order some more!

would you use candlewax to polish shoes?

Pure beeswax might be good for candles, but it's not good for shoes. This polish is too hard to work. It's hard to wipe onto a cloth and to spread on the shoe. The finished shine is brittle and flakes or clouds with any flexing. I gave it 3-4 tries, then switched back to Saphir Mirror Gloss.

Hi! Sorry you had a bad experience with our High Shine. To clarify, beeswax has been used in shoe polish for centuries. For consideration: keep the lid on between usages to help retain the surface solvent that spreads the stiff waxes that give it the ultra high glossy shine. If the surface still gets dry, you can access the reservoir of oil underneath the dry layer, by scratching or scraping just under the surface. Thank you for trying our earth-friendly products out, anyway! All the best ~Andy, Pure Polish Owner

Cleaner Conditioner
Bayani Seldera
Pure Polish - Pure Greatness

Pure polish is the only brand of conditioner that I use now!

Works great!!!

Works great, water beads up and runs off. Will order again. Thanks

Is a delete to work with and love the smell of Oranges.

Pure Products is different from some of the other products that I've worked with and took time to get used to using.
Applying it is also different because it really needs my bare hands, fingers and palms to really get it to melt into the leather that I'm working on.
Currently, I'm useing it with a couple of my shines.
I have five different types of shoe shines for different types of leathers and occasions.
Because of the 100% biodegradable ingredients it takes longer to dry, and have found that using a heat gun on a low setting does help get it to the next level to apply other products like Saphir or Booblack cream or waxes.
I like the water proofing waxes and use them more with the everyday shoes of Seattle.
Due to the wet weather and moisture in the air, the humidity in the PNW never really drops below 50% and it's noticeable in the shoes and clothing that we wear.
I'm still new to Pure Products and look to start selling it here in Seattle in early 2022.

Thank you Andy for for your persistent support of your products and of using your social media marketing to get it out there.

Works well, easy to use

Shoe Cream

Excellent, love the citrus smell and the shine on my shoes is SUPERB!!!

Great product.

Soaks in fast, has a great smell. I have only good things to say about your cleaner and conditioner. Thank you.