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Pure Patina Bundle
Gray Stratton
Good stuff!

Just ordered my first starter kit of products in the pure patina bundle. The products are fantastic. I achieved a mirror shine on my best shoes with no trouble. I had some lingering questions about frequency of use and how to use the products on a specific pair of shoes. I sent in the questions and heard back quickly from Andy with helpful advice. This is the best kind of business with great products and great support. Customer for life. Gray in Houston

Great Products!

Just tested the pure polish products on my shell cordovan shoes and I can tell they are great! Highly recommend them.

Perfect product

I really find the conditioner really effective. It takes sometime to dry before buffing so keep that in mind and use very small amount it is potent

Cordovan Quality Shine

I used this tonight to shine a pair of shell cordovan dress shoes. And it was fabulous.
It was a slight challenge to apply it as are most hard waxes for shoes. But the brush out was a breeze.

A little bit goes a long way and the tin should last for at least a couple dozen top shines for pairs of shoes.

I own Saphir Mirror Gloss and am quite particular about my shoe shine products. Pure polish is better. It just is. It is as easy to use. It smells better. It is more affordable. And most importantly, it outperforms mirror gloss; especially if you are using it for multiple coats of shine.

And it is not proven, but I do believe that the shine will last longer and hold up better.

Great Product

Amazing ..... really ....

Looking forward to using the other products in the line.

Saphir is no longer the king. Pure Polish is the king. Long live the king.

Cleaner Conditioner
Kelly Grawunder
Clean and shine in one!

My boots look new and the smell is dreamy!

Wonderful cleaner/conditioner!

Used these on a new pair of boots and it worked really well that I used it on some of my other leather products too. The smell is nice and the shine that the conditioner leaves behind is amazing. Would recommend this product for anyone who wants to condition and clean their leather products.

Like the waxy nature

I like how the cream is more like a softer wax paste, so it doesn’t leave an annoying residue and is easier to apply with hands.

Care for Shell Cordovan

I first used the Cleaner and Conditioner and was very impressed with those results alone! The next step was to apply some Water Resistant Cream and was again very impressed with the results! Step 3 was to apply two thin coats of the Paste Wax Polish on the toes and heels which leveled up the shine once more! Step 4 will be be a dry application of the High Shine Wax on the toes and heels. I do believe that I have become a convert to the Pure Polish line of products. We’ll done!

Cleaner Conditioner
Timothy Turner
Perfect for general cleaning.

I’ve been looking a a general purpose, quick and easy cleaner. Without having to use saddle soap, water etc. This cleaner is perfect for cleaning up excess wax build up and dirt. I first used it on a soft glove leather that had excess wax, was gummed up, lightly soiled. This cleaner did a perfect job of removing wax build up and dirt and left the leather looking as it was when it was new. Very happy with this cleaner for fine dress leather goods, dress shoes, belts, wallets, phone case, watch band etc.

Cleaner Conditioner
Rashid Alblooshi
Excellent products

Thank you for the hard work and keep it up

My brown shoes look great again

Love this product - best part is the zero VOC's

Cleaner Conditioner
Gerard Lazorko
Wonderful - highly recommend

Love this product - best part is the zero VOC's

Black Tie Bundle
Gerard Lazorko
Smells nice and looks great!

Love this product - best part is the zero VOC's


As good as Saphir and environmentally friendly too!

A Good Polish

This water resistant cream polish has more of a paste consistency. It goes on easily and conditions the leather and provides a water resistant moderate gloss shine. Recommended!

The only polish I use !

The only polish I use ! The smell is perfect and the quality of these products is definitely above the other similar polishes. On top of this all natural, so what more could we ask for !

Very Impressed

Just tried the Pure Patina Bundle on my Shinki Haikku Horsebutt derby's and could not be happier. The product goes on easy and shines with little effort. I haven't used the wax but the conditioner and polish smells great.

Black Cream Polish
Taimur Choudhry
Excellent Quality

Finally there is a product that is as good as Saphir but without the harmful ingredients. So, it's technically Better!

Black Tie Bundle
Tim Briggs
Great Products!!!!

After various recommendations online, I purchased several Pure products. First, I love that these are made in America, secondly, they are fantastic! Co-workers noticed right away that something was different!

Great polishing cloth

It does such a great job I ordered three of them. Thanks

High Shine Wax Polish
David Cordovan guy 21 shell shoes

Honestly, better than expected. (the smell of the pure polish products are amazing) they smell and work fantastic!

Amazing product

Kind of a combination between wax polish and cream polish. Basically the best of both worlds in an easy way to get a great chain, right off the bat. Extra bonus is weather protection for your shoes, as the wax component is water repellent and scuff repellent. I find this weather resistant polish to be particularly favorable for Cordovan leather.

Good stuff!!

No matter the color of shoes or boots black.. doesn't matter...Pure Polish Neutral Cream Polish will make em pop.. wow what a nice shine!!