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Fun with my children

I got the black cream polish and used it in my class with the 4 years old children. They loved polishing their parents shoes and was a lot of fun! My class smelled like oranges and I loved it!!! Thank you for making such a safe and great product! The parents were very happy 😃

Up and coming force in the leather care industry

For someone like myself I love doing things by hand and with this product I don’t have to worry about the effects it has on my skin. The product gives off a beautiful shine in seamlessly no time. The scent of oranges will have you polishing and shining shoes all night.

High polish paste

Bought this along with a couple other products to reshine /spit polish several broken in pair of full leather combat boots that i own and wear quite often , it gives a spit shined polish that little extra shine that makes em pop
Really like the fact that it doesnt have that foul odor most polishes have , although i would still polish shoes/boots outside since the orange smell could be a little overpowering indoors other than that very easy to use

Too soft

I bought 2 cream polish, a black one and a brown one. The black was so soft that I have to put it in the fridge . It helped but once I started using it it was super soft. The brown polish consistency was perfect!
I bought them to do an activity at school with my 4 yrs old students! It was fun and safe to use!

Simply The Best

Love the ease of use, the buttery cream, and the beautiful shine!

Beautiful looking and sweet smelling shine

Earth friendly, non toxic shine that’s great looking. The smell is wonderful! I am enjoying polishing my shoes while supporting a great company that has environmentally safe products

Water Resistant Cream

This recolours as well as protects the shoe from water. So not only does it make the shoe look great, it protects it! Best product ever.

Neutral Cream Polish

Great product

Shines up well, and the color is great for my AEs

Excellent product

I bought two wax polishes. I love their performance. Polish to a good shine, love they are natural ingredients, and the orange smell is awesome. More importantly the color match is solid.

Great Product!

The water-resistant cream polish made my old black boots look new again! Very easy to apply and it smells great. It seems like I will have to apply it pretty regularly to keep them looking great, but since it literally took less than two minutes to rub a little in with my finger, that is fine by me!

Try it

I've been an airport shoeshiner for 13 years, once you try a great polish you don't want to use anything else, Pure Polish is a great polish,

Once you've tried it

I've been shining shoes professionally for 13 years and have tried many different polishes, once you've used a top of the line polish it's hard to go back to the kiwis, Lincoln's ect. I started with the Glenkaren products and now to pure polish, your shoes will thank you

love it!

This is great!!! I'm so happy with my purchase!

Perfect as Always!!

First time trying the black Creme polish, and it’s incredible. Adds color and dries quickly, not leaving a “gunky” residue behind, and when brushed, gives a nice shine, and solid base layer for a mirror shine with HighShine paste

Excellent colour match

I have been searching for quite a while for the right match for my cognac leather shoes. The walnut adds a good depth of tone in the leather as well as nourishing the leather with natural ingredients. Definitely a keeper!

Top quality shine

This high shine polish gives a very high quality, easy to maintain mirror shine. I wish I had had it when I was in the Military! The best is it’s all natural. No chemical burn, no acid aroma.

Very happy with the product!Really provides great shines!

Navy Blue Cream Polish

Love it! Sweet Orange smell is great

I really love that this product is non-toxic and really, pretty basic ingredients. I used it today on the ankle and calf sections of my Bed Stu boots and used the water resistant polish on the toe and heel (non flexy areas). It turned out wonderfully and the best part was that I didn't feel like I needed to hold my breath! The sweet orange is really nice.

Walnut cream polish

This polish works well on shoes and has a pleasant smell.


A perfectly made cleanser and conditioner for the high-end leather. Even with just a handful lot of natural ingredients, its perfect composition does wonders. I recommend it strongly as an alternative to its more well-known counterpart Saphir Renovateur. Natural gold for the leather.

Best bang for buck mirror shine

As the title says this is the best bang for buck mirror shine product out there. I get a rapid base built up with the high shine wax which can be the longest step in creating the mirror shine. The small tin goes a LONG way. If you look at time spent and number of shines I get out of a tin it can't be beat. It can go toe to toe with any other brand out there. All natural with a pleasant smell while I work...what's not to love?

Awesome orange

I am so happy to use these great leather products using all natural ingredients to preserve my shoes and purses. The orange smell is inticing and my leather goods look amazing!!!

Great product.

Applies easily with good coverage. No harsh chemical smell and produces a pretty good shine. Going back for more colors.