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Awesome product , Awesome service

i am very pleased with the product. The prices are good and the qaulity is amazing. The shipment arrived very fast and very well packed.I wil be making many more orders

Oregon Pinot Cream Polish
Luigi Calcaterra
Great polish

Great pigment and nourishment , top quality polish with a good shine for normal maintenance on your leather goods.

If you could only have 1 product get cleaner conditioner

There’s nothing this can’t do. Non-toxic and non-nauseating means actually being able to enjoy caring for your shoes and leather.

High Shine Wax Polish
Hard to work with

As an avid shoe enthusiast, have experienced many polishes and waxes. This particular wax I cannot figure out. Most of us have gotten beautiful mirror glacage from different brands . The Pure Polish starts to frost over after a few minutes and is unusable. Maybe it’s me. Smells good though.

I appreciate you giving our High Shine a chance! We'll keep working on the environmental temperament of the product, and continue making more instructional videos. Thank you for your feedback, Jeremy!

Cleaner Conditioner
Charles Quinn
Good Stuff, Good Service

The products are outstanding as well as Pure Polish's dedication to its customers. I amended my order in the middle of the night after my order was already placed. Pure Polish handled the request and followed up by letting me know the next morning that the matter was handled. Thanks again!

Burgundy Cream Polish
Timothy Brackett
Burgundy polish

It works very well, thank you.

Great Product

THe high shine was polish works great. I followed Andy's youtube video and quickly reached high shine.

Black Cream Polish
Timothy Brackett
Cream polish

I bought four colors to experiment with and so far I really like the results

Great to hear, Timothy! Thanks for your support.

Wasn’t overly impressed

This stuff smells nice and will give an average shine but it’s hard to work with if you are after a mirror shine. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get the gloss that I’ve gotten with other waxed. The shine I did develop I had to work twice as hard to get. I wanted to like this, I was hoping for a better result. I don’t care for it and the result in my opinion was lackluster for the labor. Sorry, but that is my opinion.

Hi Troy. I appreciate your feedback and am sorry for your negative experience with Pure Polish. Do you feel that more tutorials would have been helpful in navigating the shining process with our products? I'm open to ideas on how we can improve, so that customers have fewer struggles in the future. Thank you! ~Andy

Navy Blue Cream Polish
Richard Wilson
A good polish

A good polish, adds just enough color but a little heavy on the scent. I could do with about 50% less of the citrus scent that goes into the product.

Hi Richard. I appreciate your review and feedback. The citrus scent comes from our solvent (orange peel oil), and isn't added separately. It should dissipate rather quickly once applied. Thank you for your feedback and support! ~Andy


The cleaning conditioner is phenomenal! I will definitely be purchasing more.


I just used the cleaner conditioner on my brand new pair of Beckett Simonons. I LOVE the way it conditioned the leather! OMG! Think I’m officially hooked on Pure Polish products now.

Great Product

I've been very pleased with the pure polish products. The products work very well! I was drawn to the product due to the ingredient list and it does not disappoint.

Great product

Smell great and works even better. Life time customer.

It's Good!

Love what it does to dry leather and love the smell.

Neutral Cream Polish
Arturo Ballesteros
Slick finish, great scent

Outstanding application. Leaves shoes polished, smelling great. A great long-term product for leather longevity.

Black Paste / Wax Polish
Mr.Charles ANTHONY
Only the best

Readers; This author learned the Art and Mystery of shoe/boot polishing in the era of the 'black boot Army'. And have kept up the practice for the ensuing decades. I was using another 'organic' polish, till they quit making it. A 'mad hunt" of the internet, led me to this Product. Hmm! say I-- it SEEMS good, lets try a small tin and see. Sure enow, it works as advertized, does not destroy the leathers, and gives a mirror shine without any extra products--if you have the skill sets, it seems. The downside, its sold in a tin thats' too small for full time use with more than one set of boots, and will run out quickly. I will pen a line to the maker-who said to write with queries- when I am getting low on polish, to see if I can get a 01lb brick of this. But, Reader, if you want the best polish for YOUR boots/shoes/leather kit--BUY THIS POLISH!

High Shine Wax Polish
Russel Lehman


Perfect Polish

The polish is terrific! The polish marries real well with the leathers and gives a perfect shine. Thank you for your hard work and consideration for the earth-friendly polish Andy!

Fantastic Products

This was my first order of Pure Polish products and I’m happy to find that their products are fantastic! Easy ordering, on time delivery, and quality products made this a great experience. The polish and cleaners were just what I was been looking for.

Works great, nice fragrance

This is a premium products that performs as such. Excellent mirror shines can be achieved easily.

Pure Polish Conditioner = Pure Perfection

Huge fan of the conditioner. Have used on all my boots, both leather and shell cordovan. My new and only go to conditioner. Highly recommend. And yes it smells like oranges.

Pleasant and Effective

Nice smell and an easy way to achieve a mirror shine.

Thought it would be darker

A Premium Product

This stuff is a pleasure to use. There's no fear to dab your fingers in to the polish and apply, though using a polishing cloth seems to be a more effective method of application. Good stuff.