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Good company

Good product will continue to buy from this company. Was originally lost via USPS but this company continued to reach out to me through it all until it was found and delivered. Customer service seemed very concerned and nice to work with. I could tell they actually cared.

I found my new number one polish

Great cleaner

It cleans mirror shine so beautiful, it smells better than any other cleaner


The water-resistant cream polish works REALLY well.Its one of my new favourite products.Used it on my boots,including the stitches on the upper edge of the sole..I've been out walking in the rain and snow many times since then,and my feet are still dry..Recommended!👍

Oregon Pinot Leather Paste/Wax Polish

Cream Polish

Great Product!

awesome product

Great new color, by far the best product on the market for your shoes

Amazing Product.

I purchased the high shine paste a few weeks ago after hearing a lot about it. I was not disappointed. Tired it tonight on a new pair of Allen Edmonds and the shine was amazing. Totally recommend this product. I will be purchasing more of their products in the very near future.

Great products

Far more tolerable to apply than Saphir and other brands, with remarkable results and a very pleasing shine, I am sold. Pure Polish will be the way I go from here forward.

Great product

This are the best products by far available for shoe care

Great Product and Lesson

I have used Saphir to polish my shoes and decided to try Pure Polish and I'm glad I did.

1. As a user of the other brand I learned I did not need to use as much of the Pure Polish which might translate back into that product.
2. I do not have to worry about what is being absorbed into my body and can use my fingers to apply these products.
3. I will buy Pure Polish again without hesitation.
4. The smell is great.

1. Following the directions and not applying to parts of the shoe that flex I did get some cracking where the other brand never did.

I highly recommend grabbing some Pure Polish products and giving your shoes a shine. You won't regret the experience.

Highest quality!

These must be the most pleasant shoe-products I have ever tried.The Cleaner/conditioner effectively removes old shoe-cream+wax,and made my shoes look very healthy(.. smelled good too!)Great results,and a faint,sweet smell of citrus more turpentine-products for me!
I also used the water-resistant shoepolish on my boots.Another outstanding product...I must order more products soon!

Good Polish!!

Good Natural Polish! The natural pigment wasn't able to permeate my brown shoes deeply enough to match original color of shoes. So it didn't quite match. I suggest going a shade darker if your unsure. Regardless, it's great for conditioning and maintaining shoes. Very good Product!!


Smells good, color doesn't stick on your finger, and gives a nice shine.


This product exceeded my expectations. Smell is great and it just works smooth to apply with great shine on calfskin.


Just received a pair of navy Cordovan shoes and needed a little extra protection. The cream polish was easy to apply and I followed the long version of steps on the website and it produced a decent shine within seconds of a good brushing. This isn't my first pure polish product and it won't be my last. Thanks for the hand written note as well. You've got a lifelong customer

Great product!!

Smells great, easy to use for great mirror shine. Thanks to ‘Cobbler Bob’ Powers on YouTube for pointing this out!

Great product

This is by far the best High shine paste in the market, I have tried several other products and none compare to this one on how fat you can achieve a mirror shine.

Pure Patina Bundle

Honestly wouldn't have discovered this stuff if not for a recommendation. It doesn't affect my fingers in any way, the creams and conditioner works exceptionally... The wax is amazing. Fastest shine I've ever done. It also smells good enough to eat and on top of all that... The service was excellent and personable. When you have a great product, it will really sell itself, and this is most definitely an excellent product.

Great Product

Really impressed with the product, it leaves a great shine! My wife and I love that it is all natural and the hand written note was a nice touch.

Easy to apply and shines up nicely. This noticeably darkened my shoes by a few degrees; recommend caution if applying to lighter colored leathers.

One word says it all


Good Product

The product is good but doesn’t work for the shine I am looking for in the end product. Thank you!

Bring Color Back

After finding my shining partner with the conditioner, Neutral polish and mirror shine, i just had to get my hands on the colored polish. Happy I choose to use pure polish to bring color back to my dress shoes. Especially the burgundy which was recommend for my box calf mask loafer by Andy Who is extremely helpful. Perfect Polish for my Favorite Dress Shoes.

I ordered the wrong color

It looks like a fine polish, but I need red