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Very happy with the product!Really provides great shines!

Navy Blue Cream Polish

Love it! Sweet Orange smell is great

I really love that this product is non-toxic and really, pretty basic ingredients. I used it today on the ankle and calf sections of my Bed Stu boots and used the water resistant polish on the toe and heel (non flexy areas). It turned out wonderfully and the best part was that I didn't feel like I needed to hold my breath! The sweet orange is really nice.

Walnut cream polish

This polish works well on shoes and has a pleasant smell.


A perfectly made cleanser and conditioner for the high-end leather. Even with just a handful lot of natural ingredients, its perfect composition does wonders. I recommend it strongly as an alternative to its more well-known counterpart Saphir Renovateur. Natural gold for the leather.

Best bang for buck mirror shine

As the title says this is the best bang for buck mirror shine product out there. I get a rapid base built up with the high shine wax which can be the longest step in creating the mirror shine. The small tin goes a LONG way. If you look at time spent and number of shines I get out of a tin it can't be beat. It can go toe to toe with any other brand out there. All natural with a pleasant smell while I work...what's not to love?

Awesome orange

I am so happy to use these great leather products using all natural ingredients to preserve my shoes and purses. The orange smell is inticing and my leather goods look amazing!!!

Great product.

Applies easily with good coverage. No harsh chemical smell and produces a pretty good shine. Going back for more colors.

Excellent product at a great price.

This product applies easily and with multiple coats produces a high quality mirror shine. My shoes have never looked so good!

Pure Cream Polish

Excellent polish. This polish will give your shoes a great shine. Also, I am using the polish to touch up furniture and my hardwood floor.

Pure Polish

Nice polish. It works well on my shoes and touching up your furniture.