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How to Use Pure Polish

In regard to polishing your leather goods, there are no real practical differences between regular toxic polish and our non-toxic polish. But there are some minor things that should be noted:

Because non-toxic polish contains no turpentine or petroleum as a solvent, the polish in the tin or jar is a little more sensitive to changes in temperature, so it will be harder below 75F and softer above 80F. Once it’s applied to the leather, temperature becomes irrelevant.

An effect of using natural, non-toxic orange oil as the solvent is that it acts as a mild cleaner as well. Another effect of using orange oil as the solvent is that when you put your applicator (fingertip, cotton cloth, etc…) into the polish to extract some from the tin, it will not absorb into the applicator as quickly and easily as leather polish that uses toxic solvents.