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Pure Polish Product Colors

Pure Polish Cream Polish Colors

Selecting Colors

Color-matching can be vital to maintaining the integrity and look of your leather over time. Or, if you've developed a beautiful patina, and don't want to mask the natural progression, we offer Neutral (clear) products that offer protection without added color.

Unlike products that use chemical dyes, our products use pigment. Pigment offers a lower level of color-fastness than dye. This is beneficial to the longevity of your leather, in that it doesn't permanently dye or "stain" your leather through application. It provides a restoration from scuffs, can brighten up the finishing, and even offer a "lensing" or "shading" effect, if used with special techniques.

We currently carry the following colors. Not each color is available in each product, and some new colors are seasonal runs. 

Pure Polish Color Chart for Leather Care Shoe Polish

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Core Colors

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