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How To Use Pure Polish Cleaner Conditioner

How to Use Cleaner Conditioner


Cleaner Conditioner

(Short Instructions)

Apply with fingertip or clean cotton cloth in 1 inch circles. Buff using cotton cloth. Air dry 1-2 hours. Horsehair brush to shine.

Store below 21C/70F.

(Long Instructions)

Cleaner Conditioner cannot only be used on shoes, but pretty much any grain-out leather item.

Use a soft cotton cloth (an old t-shirt will do), or your fingers, and scoop out a small amount (just enough to cover the ends of a couple of your fingers) of cream from the jar.

Rub the cream into the leather.

Use a clean cotton cloth and rub/buff the leather.

Let leather air dry for a few hours, then rub/buff the leather again.

Horsehair brush the leather for a rich, glow shine.

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