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How To Use Pure Polish High Shine Wax Polish

How to Use High Shine Paste Polish

High Shine Wax Polish

(Short Instructions)

For a “Mirror Shine” apply on top of an existing paste polish base layer. Using a damp, soft cotton cloth, rub High Shine lightly onto the toe or heel of the shoe. Continue to rub until a smooth shine appears. Wait 1-2 minutes, and repeat until the desired shine and depth is produced.

(Long Instructions)

(Follow instructions on Paste Polish to achieve a “wax base” before attempting a mirror shine)

Using a soft cotton cloth (an old t-shirt works, but we recommend soft cotton rounds or a chamois cloth) as an applicator. Tap the cloth into some droplets of water to get it moist (or spray it with a water spray bottle from 4-6 inches away).

Rub it (a couple of circles) lightly on the surface of the polish in the tin. You only want a small amount of polish on the cloth.

Rub the polish onto the shoe in about 1 to 2 inch circles. You should have very little polish on the cloth, but you still want to cover the whole toe (or heel). It should feel like you are pushing the water droplets. If it feels like you are dragging the polish, add a little more moisture to the applicator.

Continue the polish rub, droplet, circle rub on the toe or heel of the shoe until a smooth shine appears (the haze is gone).

Wait a few minutes, then repeat the first three steps as many times you like, until you get the shine and depth you desire.

Tip: a mirror shine is best achieved understanding that the reflection is caused by the prism of light and water, with wax as the stabilizing mechanism. Layers of wax alone will not create the reflection. And, pigment will impede the maximum amount of light, which is why to achieve the ultimate “Mirror Shine”, you need to use a neutral High Shine Paste.

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