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How To Use Pure Polish Water Resistant Cream Polish

How to Use Water Resistant Cream Polish


Pure Polish Water Resistant Cream

(Short Instructions)

Apply with fingertip or clean cotton cloth in 1 inch circles, until both shoes have been covered with a thin layer. Wait 10 minutes. Boar’s hair or horsehair brush each shoe thoroughly for full penetration and a soft shine.

(Long Instructions)

To get the greatest benefit from this polish, and to get the water resistance, use it in the following manner:

Use a soft cotton cloth (an old t-shirt will do) and rub it on the surface of the polish in the tin. If the polish is soft rub gently, if the polish is firm rub with a little more pressure. You want to add just a little polish to the cloth (you can always add more if you like).

Rub the polish onto the shoe in about 1 inch circles. You should have enough polish on the cloth to cover each section (or one quarter) of the shoe at a time. Repeat this process until polish has been applied to cover both shoes.

Wait 10 minutes and Boar’s hair (shorter stiffer bristles) or Horsehair brush each shoe thoroughly. This process helps the cream polish penetrate and get absorbed into the leather. However, this will not produce a great shine yet, so don’t be disappointed.

Wait another 10 minutes and brush each shoe again thoroughly. This should bring out a soft, glow shine.

Wipe each shoe down with a damp cloth to activate the polish.

Try not to add too much polish (about the same as you would/should with regular cream polish).

If too much polish is used the shine will look a little hazy (the orange oil acting as a mild cleaner), but all that is necessary is to brush the shoes again to blend and smooth out the wax.

With light colored shoes (Light Brown polish) the shoes may darken slightly due to the density of the conditioner (coconut oil) in the polish.

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