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Monday Morning Mirror Shine Margates

I decided to pair my Allen Edmonds Margate Derbies with some Raleigh Denim Workshop Raw Denim jeans, and Nautica socks with a little orange highlight (it's Fall, after all).

Used: Walnut Cream Polish, High Shine Paste/Wax.

Allen Edmonds Margate Derbies Mirror Shined and Raw Denim Raleigh Denim Workshop Jeans

Mirror Shine Margate Derby Shoes High Shined with Fall Leaves in Background

Techniques –

I applied the Walnut Cream Polish with my fingertips very lightly to the upper vamps (not the toe-cap or heel), as these shoes already had a good few layers on them. The leather was looking like it could use a little moisture (conditioning coconut oil in the cream polish), and color protection (walnut pigment).

I used a thin cotton cloth wrapped tightly around my fingertips, with the High Shine Paste/Wax, along with a water spritzer. I used single droplets of water and "dab" & "swirled" the wax very gently on to the toes and heels to get the mirror shine. This was mostly a "touch-up" on a previous shine. So it didn't require more than 2-3 minutes of "dabs & swirls" before it got the beautiful shine you see in the pictures.


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