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Restoring Leather Surface Scratches On Cowboy Boots

This pair of Justin Boots men’s leather cowboy boots had some micro scratches on the toes and heels from tromping around outside in the grass and sticks this last weekend.

Restored leather men’s cowboy Justin boots fixed scratches next to a horsehair brush and jar and tin of Pure Polish

Fortunately, there boots already had a protective layer of cream and wax. That made the restoration process a restoration of the surface waxes and not the leather itself. This allowed us to use a more advanced technique of restoring the wax (since the leather was still in good condition). 

By using a softer product (Neutral Cream Polish) across the entirety of the boot, the solvent melted through the tiny scratches, and restored the protective layer. After brushing with a long horsehair brush, we used Black Paste/Wax Polish on the toes and heels to restore the extra protective wax layer, and add a little bit of “shading” to the natural leather patina.

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