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Same Great Products, New Look!

Whole Pure Polish Collection

If you haven't noticed, we've got new packaging! This is an exciting development that has been in the works for a very long time.

If you remember, we launched new jars for Cleaner Conditioner back in December, to great success.

Open jar of Cleaner Conditioner Pure Polish

In fact, it was so successful, that we decided to package all of our soft creams in the same containers & seals.

Pure Polish Cream Jars and a Horsehair Brush

We even upgraded the clear PET jars to UV-resistant amber PET jars. These are the same "Category 1" recyclable & reusable jars as we've been using for the last six months, with 100% success on shipping, seals, breakage, and increased shelf-life. UV-resistance increases shelf life, and extends the life of the oils longer (the same principles we follow with leather care).


This upgrade helps moves us forward with our goals:

  • Decrease returns due to damaged product
  • Reduce usage of single-use plastics for sealing and transporting products
  • Increase shelf-life of our natural products across varied climates and seasons around the world
  • Increase overall user experience

All of our soft creams (Cleaner Conditioner, Cream Polish & Water Resistant Cream) will now come sealed with an induction foil seal that helps prevent leakage during transport. The labels are "soft touch" PET, and recyclable, as well.

Our Paste Waxes and High Shine Wax will continue to be packaged in recyclable stainless steel tins. They've been given an upgrade to soft touch PET labels, with colors corresponding to each product.

Paste Wax and High Shine Shoe Polish Collection by Pure Polish

If you're unsure about which colors to select, you can use our "Choosing Colors Guide", which has now been expanded to include an up-to-date color chart, next to the corresponding label.

Color Chart for Pure Polish Leather Care and Shoe Polish

As always, we will continue to improve, and are always open for feedback. But today we're very excited to be rolling out this new look-and-feel, along with the substantial packaging upgrades that will make your Pure Polish experiences better and last longer, wherever you may be located in the world.

Happy Easter, and thank you for your support!

~Andy & Family

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  • Love the new look, new labeling and eco- friendly jars and recyclable containers!! Happy Easter to the best leather care company in the world!❤️🐇🌷

    Lorna Rauscher

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