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Top Nine Posts from Instagram 2019

Here is the collection of our top nine Instagram posts from 2019 (not counting videos and photo-collections), based on total engagement and likes.

From High Shine to Mirror Shine on Merlot Allen Edmonds Arlington Kiltie Loafers

1. From High Shine to Mirror Shine - showing how to go that next step to achieving your first mirror shine, using two rounds of High Shine on top of a Wax / Paste base, demonstrated on a pair of Merlot Allen Edmonds Arlington Kiltie Loafers.

Mirror Shine Monday polished Walnut Allen Edmonds Weybridge Oxfords

2. Good Morning Mirror Shine Monday – A pair of Walnut Allen Edmonds Weybridge Oxfords, polished from calfskin to a glassy mirror.

Before and After on a pair of Vintage Florsheim Imperial Wingtips

3. Before & After on a pair of Vintage Florsheim Imperial Wingtips - Using only Pure Polish Products Cleaner Conditioner, Color Creams, and Color Paste, we brought the life back to these vintage Florsheims.

Magnanni Calfskin Derby Shoes Naturally Polished to a Mirror Shine

4. Magnanni Calfskin Derby Shoes Naturally Shined to a Mirror  - This is a personal pair that needed some love. So, they got a good conditioning treatment and a nice mirror shine using High Shine. They glistened right up!

A gorgeous pair of Berluti Wholecut Oxfords polished to a mirror shine by Glen the original maker of GlenKaren Products

5. Throwback Thursday with Glen's Berluti Wholecuts - Glen's polished Berluti Wholecuts using High Shine Paste. This is the picture that drew Andy to finding Pure Polish Products in Bend.

Touch up on a Mirror Shine on Vintage Walnut Scotch Grain Allen Edmonds Margate Cap Toe Derby Shoes

6. Touch up Mirror Shine on Vintage Walnut Scotch Grain Allen Edmonds Margates - This was just a "touch up" to an old mirror shine. I loved showing how adding a mirror to scotch grain gives it a "fish skin"/scales smooth appearance and texture.

Vintage Sears and Roebuck Catalog from early 1900's leather shoe section

7. Vintage Early 1900's Sears & Roebuck Catalog - We found this old catalog at the High Desert Museum, wherein the most amazing leather shoe section was found. Many pages were photographed, but it would have been great to get the whole thing. 

Shoe Shine Sunday Pure Essentials - Ultimate Shoe Shine Set

8. Shoe Shine Sunday Pure Essentials - This was part of a blog post I did earlier this year on "The Ultimate Shoe Shine". These were the products I used to achieve this shine on a pair of Navyboot Calfskin Round Toe Classic Oxfords.

Mr. Renworks (Thanh) his Quadrifoglio Scarpe Cherry Cap-toe Oxfords

9. Mr. Renworks Quadrifoglio Scarpe Cherry Wholecut Adelaide Oxfords - These beautiful shoes combine Italian elegance with Japanese excellence, and an unbeatable and unique aesthetic. We're lucky for Thanh to have used Pure Polish High Shine as part of his routine for shining these amazing shoes.

All-in-all, it was an amazing 2019. We wish we could show all of the photos one more time, but that would fill 100 blogs. Thank you to everyone who contributed and supported us this year. We hope 2020 brings more wonderful news, surprises, and growth towards more natural shine in the world. Shine on, friends!

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