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Vintage Leather at the High Desert Museum

Within driving distance of Pure Polish headquarters here in Bend, Oregon, we have the beautiful and fun High Desert Museum. They cover local heritage and history of animals, people, traditions, and cultures, from over the last few centuries. 

And, while we love and fun with all the local animals, and historic exhibits, given we are in the Leather Care Industry, we take particular joy in seeing the old trades, especially leatherwork, cobbling, and how it was done "back then".

Here are a few photos from the most recent visit.

Miner's Hob-Nailed Vintage Leather Boots 

They were hob-nailed to help protect the soles while the miners walked across broken rock all day long.
Miner's Hob-Nailed leather boots
More descriptions of their work & conditions.

Old Crocodile Leather Medicine Case

Vintage Crocodile Skin Leather Medicine Case

Black Leather Settler's Boots

Including one pair of hob-nailed ankle boots. Tag says "San Francisco" something on them.
Black Leather Settler's Boots and one pair of Hob-Nailed Boots

Old Cobbler Set-up with Repair Check List

Repair list includes: "half sole, whole sole, repair toe, repair straps, etc." 
Old Cobbler Set-up with Repair Check-list 

Buckaroo Stetson Hat

Buckaroo Stetson Hat

Three Pairs of Beautiful Native Leather Moccasins

Three Pairs of Beautiful Native American Leather Moccasins

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