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Visit to local golf courses

Today, we got the chance to visit a few of our favorite local golf courses here in Central Oregon; two in Sunriver and two here in Bend. We went in to the pro shops and gift shops and spoke with some of the managers, buyers (or interim front-end people), and gave them samples of our newest creation -- White Cream Polish!

Beautiful Carlos Santos White Leather Oxford Saddle Shoes polished with Pure Polish White Cream and High Shine Paste on a bundle of sticks in the snow

We hope they love it, as we think it would fit their clientele perfectly. Many golf shoes use white leather, and it's tough to find a good white cream polish that protects, restores, conditions the leather, and brings back the white pigment. We use a special blend of waxes to allow the white to shine as brightly as possible (as you can see above).

If you'd like to purchase some white cream polish, it's available now from our shop now.

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