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Color Selections and Lineup

Selecting Polish Colors

Pure Polish Color Cream Shoe Polish

Choosing which color of polish to buy for your valued pair of shoes can sometimes be tricky. Photos show a wide-range of leathers using a single polish color: For example, Walnut can be used to bring out the reddish tones in a lighter brown leather, or can be used to tone down the reds and accent the browns in a burgundy or mahogany colored leather.

To make it trickier, there is no one single uniform "color name" that we all use. From the leather industry, to the shoe industry, to the leather care industry, we all select a name that best represents our intended audience, and then hope they can figure it out by looking at the pictures. 

So as to not totally confuse you, we created this line-up of common shoe colors and leathers, to show you which color polishes we would select to best "color match" the leather.

As always, let us know if you have any specific questions, or are still struggling on your particular pair of shoes. We may be able to help you narrow it down.

From Left to Right: Light Brown, Light Brown, Walnut, Walnut, Brown (or Burgundy), Brown (or Dark Brown), Black, Burgundy.

Lineup of common shoes and shoe colors, to help select your polish color.

Left-side of the shoe line-up

Right side of the shoe lineup


Now, here are the polish colors we show in this line-up*: Light Brown, Walnut, Brown, Dark Brown, Black, and Burgundy.

* Missing: White, Navy Blue, Forest Green, Custom

Polishes Pictured: Light Brown Cream Polish, Walnut Cream Polish.

Left side of the shoe and polish line-up

Polishes Pictured: Brown Cream Polish, Dark Brown Cream Polish.

Middle of the shoe and polish line-up

Polishes Pictured: Dark Brown Cream Polish, Black Cream Polish, Burgundy Cream Polish.

Right side of the shoe and polish line-up

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