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Conditioning Allen Edmonds Weybridge

Conditioning Leather Allen Edmonds Walnut Weybridge Calfskin Oxfords with Pure Polish Cleaner Conditioner

This morning, before I stepped outside on this brisk and blustery Winter day here in Bend, I conditioned my Allen Edmonds Weybridge Walnut Calfskin Oxfords. Bend has a very dry desert climate, so it dries out leather super-quickly. This is why it's super important to keep it conditioned, so that it doesn't crack. 

The trick for getting the most from your Cleaner Conditioner is to apply it with your fingertips. Then you aren't leveraging the cleaning oils as much as the conditioning oils.

The mirror shine was still intact and looking shiny from a few wears ago.

I paired it all with Fintoco Grey laces, Raleigh Denim Workshop jeans, and some fun Nautica socks.

Let me know what you think!

Fun Nautica Socks, Raleigh Denim Workshop Jeans, and nicely conditioned Allen Edmonds Weybridge

Putting leather shoes on with ShoeSlyde

Back-view of mirror-shined AE Weybridges, Denim, and burgundy socks

Shiny and clean leather shoes on a blustery winter day, casually styled with denim and grey Fintoco laces

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