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How do you care for exotic leather boots?

How do you care for exotic leather boots?

You've got a high quality pair of exotic leather boots, and now you want to care for them. Here are the steps for caring for your exotic leather:

  1. Use Boot Trees or Shoe Trees between wears
  2. Brush off surface dirt and dust between wears
  3. Clean and condition your exotic leather, allowing the dense pore structure time to absorb the oils. This helps prevent drying out and cracking.
  4. Once conditioned, use a color-matched or Neutral Cream Polish to protect the uppers from external abrasion or scuffing
  5. Use a Paste/Wax Polish to protect the toes and heels from rough typical behavior (like scuffing while driving)


In this video, Pure Polish Owner Andy goes to explain the care differences between exotic leather (including Teju lizard, snake, eel, etc.) and hot stuffed leathers – Chromexcel and Shell Cordovan. 

For exotic leathers, the pore density is often much tighter, and you don't have the hair follicles you would have with calfskin or cowhide. Due to this, you may have slower absorption of the oil-based products, like our Cleaner & Conditioner, or similar balms/conditioners. You will want to be gentle on the application, to avoid over-applying, but also make sure you are giving it enough nourishment to not crack. 

Once your exotic leather has been conditioned or cleaned properly, it can be beneficial to use a Neutral Cream Polish, to help protect the outside, and nourish the leather on a regular basis. A Neutral Paste/Wax Polish can also help protect the toes and heels from scuffing.

For shell cordovan and Chromexcel leather, which go through the hot stuffing phase during tanning – they have been given lots of oils, greases, and waxes. But like all oils and fats, you will eventually need to replace it over time. Again, Cleaner & Conditioner is your friendOur Water Resistant Cream also helps reduce the spotting and solvent effect water has on these leathers.

You can also use a Paste/Wax or High Shine Wax for further protection and shine.

As always, let us know if you have a question in the comments below, or directly via our Contact Form. Thank you!

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