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How to Fix a Broken Mirror Shine

Broken Mirror Shine

It can feel tragic when you break your beautiful mirror shine on your leather dress shoes. Especially after you spent so long building and perfecting it, all the way up from the base leather. However, there are some shortcuts to fixing it, that take much less time than the initial process that's required for the build-up. 

How to Fix a Broken Mirror Shine

In this video, Andy demonstrates one of those techniques, using the fresh underlying layer of solvent on a tin of High Shine Paste/Wax Polish. Using the solvent to smooth the top surface, Andy fixes a broken shine in about 3 minutes, from start to finish. The advantage to using this method over some of the other methods that use heat (lighters, heat guns, hair dryers), is that it maintains a consistent amount of product on the shoe, and doesn't risk permanently affecting the leather grain or corium, through excess product or heat exposure.

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